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Answers to Common Questions about Title Loans

A title loan is a type of collateral loan in which you use your vehicle title to secure the loan. The amount of money that you can receive is dependent on the wholesale value of your vehicle. Our loans start at $2600 in California and $1000 in Arizona and New Mexico and can go as high as $50,000. After receiving your loan, you will have 24-36 months to pay it back. But because there is no pre-payment penalty, you can pay back your loan at any time without receiving any extra fees for unpaid interest.

You can still get a title loan if you have bad credit or no credit. The major qualifying factor for this type of loan is the wholesale value of your vehicle. If you have a qualifying vehicle, we can most likely work with you. The only cases in which credit history would prevent you from getting a loan would be a recent derogatory credit event, such as a bankruptcy, repossession, or foreclosure. But because our approval process is free and easy, the best thing to do is apply online or call us at 800-737-0900 to see if you qualify.

You get to keep and drive your car while you pay back your loan. We do not take your car and we do not put a tracking device on it. We believe that a title loan should improve your life by helping you to deal with financial issues, not inconvenience you by taking away your method of transportation. The only item that we keep during the loan is your vehicle title; and after your loan is paid back, we return the title to you. It’s that simple!